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If you live in Tacoma and you’re looking for a place to dispose of your unwanted items, your best bet for a Tacoma dump is the Tacoma Transfer and Recovery Center. Traveling to a dump site and ridding your vehicle of the garbage is not your sole option, though.

If you would rather not stress about hauling away your junk by yourself, call upon the skills of our Seattle Junk Removal experts instead. A well-established and respected Seattle-based company, 99 Junk Removal specializes in the removal of junk, recycle, and yard waste all throughout Puget Sound neighborhoods, Tacoma included.

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Tacoma City Dump Location

The Tacoma Transfer and Recovery Center is a King County facility that accepts both garbage waste and recycle. When it comes to recycling, the lines that set recycle apart from compost and garbage can be blurred rather easily. The Recycling and Household Hazardous Waste Center can also be found at the following address.

Tacoma Transfer and Recovery Center

3510 S Mullen Street

Tacoma, WA 98409

Tacoma City Dump Price

Fees for using the Tacoma Transfer and Recovery Center are dependent upon the contents of your disposal. Rates for dumping garbage depend on the weight of the loads and the residency of the person disposing of their waste. Commercial residents and people from out-of-town are charged a flat minimum fee of $20.00, with an additional $7.25 that accrues per 100 pounds of garbage. Tacoma residents must also pay a minimum fee of $20.00 but it covers their first 400 pounds of waste. Every 100 pounds thereafter is another $7.25.

Yard waste is free to dispose of for those who reside in Tacoma. Everyone else is charged $20.00, plus $7.25 per 100 pounds of waste. As with almost all King County recycling locations, there are no fees for recyclable products. The City of Tacoma created a guide to recycling as well. It has answers to all of your questions about what can and cannot be recycled.

The rates for using the facilities allow for an unloading time of 30 minutes. For every half hour increment you spend on site, an additional charge of $12.25 will be added to your bill. These unloading times are recorded from the time you begin unloading to the moment you finish.

Anything that does not fall into the categories laid out above is fair game and you are free to bring them to the dump site. If you have specific questions about your items or you are unsure if they are allowable at Algona Transfer Station, please contact the facility at (253) 722-4285.

Tacoma Dump Hours of Operation

The garbage dump and recycling facilities in Tacoma are closed on the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. You may learn more details about disposing of junk from the City of Tacoma’s website as well.


Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Saturday – Sunday: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.


(253) 502-2100


Dump Truck Rental Tacoma Services

If you would rather call professionals to haul away your garbage, 99 Junk Removal can do that for you. Our trusted and experienced crew members will remove your junk at a fraction of the cost you might end up paying to dispose of your trash on your own. Better yet, we act in a way that reduces additional damage to the environment. We strive to better our air quality and promote the proper removal of garbage so that it is not left on sidewalks or tossed into bodies of water.

At 99 Junk Removal, we want to help you help the world become a cleaner place to live.

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Based in Kent, Washington, we serve all of the Southern Puget Sound as well as all of Greater Seattle. Not sure? Give us a call!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 99 Junk Removal has all of the necessary permits and insurance to legally operate. We can provide proof of these permits and certificates of insurance upon request to ensure that they are operating legally and to protect customers in case of any incidents.

Yes, 99 Junk Removal offers both same-day and emergency debris removal services. We understand that urgent situations can arise, and our team is equipped to respond promptly. For immediate assistance, simply contact us, and we’ll prioritize your request to ensure quick and efficient service.

At 99 Junk Removal, the cost of debris removal is primarily based on the volume of junk that needs to be removed. We measure this by the amount of space your items occupy in our trucks. Additionally, factors such as the type of debris, location, and ease of access can influence the pricing. Our all-inclusive quotes cover labor, disposal fees, and transportation costs, ensuring transparency with no hidden charges.

We are committed to environmentally responsible disposal practices. Items that can be recycled or donated are processed accordingly, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. We ensure that all items are disposed of in compliance with local regulations, promoting sustainability and eco-friendliness.

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