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Leave in our hands the whole process of getting rid of your Christmas tree whether it is natural or artificial. Contact us and in no time we will give you a solution.

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Seattle Christmas Tree Disposal | Easy Xmas Tree Removal

Holiday decorations in your home bring great harmony during one of the most exciting times of the year. But, what to do with all the junk you leave behind? Especially that giant Christmas tree in the middle of your house.

You can get rid of your Christmas tree by throwing it out in front of your house to be hauled away with your regular garbage, but it needs to be cut up for easy transport.

At 99 Junk Removal we are ready to help. Our company offers Seattle Christmas tree disposal services to make your holidays end pleasantly.

Leave in our hands the whole process of getting rid of your Christmas tree whether it is natural or artificial. Contact us and in no time we will give you a solution.

Christmas Tree Disposal in Seattle Made Easy

Removing a Christmas tree is a tedious process, especially if you like to decorate your home with more than one tree to achieve that cozy and comforting Christmas atmosphere.

We offer you the most complete Christmas tree removal service in Seattle at great prices. We don’t want your Christmas to end up full of drama, we want you to keep only the good moments of the holidays in your memory. Your family deserves it.

A natural tree begins to decay and dry out and the leaves that fall to the ground are sharp and can be dangerous for children. At 99 Junk Removal we care about your health and safety, your tree will be out of your home sooner than you think.

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Christmas Tree Hauling & Removal – How It’s Done

If you want to remove the Christmas tree yourself, the process to follow is different depending on whether it is natural or artificial. Although you can discard it as part of your regular yard waste, the more parts of the tree you can collect for recycling, the better.

A natural tree can go back to nature to fulfill different functions such as mulch to nourish plants or composts to nourish the soil. This way your Christmas decoration will end up being useful for the environment after having given you moments of happiness during the holidays.

To dispose of a natural tree, you need to cut its branches and trunk into several pieces so that it is easy to tie it up and discard it at the curb with other yard waste. Before doing this you should remove the ornaments and check the ideal time to do this with your local waste collection service.

If you want to haul it yourself, you can take it to the landfills in January as they are closed for Christmas.

If you have assembled an artificial Christmas tree this year, we encourage you to take it apart and store it in boxes to keep it in good condition to use it next year. But, if your tree is already worn out and has served its purpose, remove the ornaments and disassemble it so it can be properly discarded.

Artificial trees can also be donated! And, by doing so, you’ll be sharing the joy of Christmas with other families near you.

Since the whole process of disassembling, collecting the ornaments, removing the lights and cutting the tree to tie it up and transport it requires time, strength and special methods of transportation, we offer a far easier solution for you. At 99 Junk Removal we will do the entire process of Seattle Christmas tree disposal so you don’t have to worry about anything and we will make sure that not a single pine needle is left behind.

All the articles you acquire to use them in different ways in the home should have a second purpose. Or, at least, do your best to maximize the use of each of them.

At 99 Junk Removal we are committed to the environment. Anything we can do for our planet is an investment in the future.

Before you get rid of your tree, give it the proper care before disposal so it can be recycled in a better way, whether natural or artificial.

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How To Keep Your Natural Tree In Good Condition

Artificial Tree Care Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Your tree can be discarded in many ways and in Seattle you can find a variety of recycling facilities.

In order to dispose of it with your regular trash you must cut it up and tie it up before putting it at the curb.

Each county offers different options, as well as specific collection times and locations. After the holidays you can take it yourself to the strategic points to dispose of it.

We encourage you to use your natural tree waste as part of your garden compost, filler for furniture or mattresses, or, dry the trunk for use as firewood or barbecue along with charcoal.

If you don’t want to take any of these options, leave everything in our hands. Our service at 99 Junk Removal will allow you to relax, holidays don’t always end in chaos.

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