Do you need to get rid of junk? Are you in Tacoma, Washington and looking for an affordable local junk removal and disposal service? Look no further; our junk hauling Seattle team at 99 Junk Removal will solve all of your junk removal needs. We will haul your trash away and take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

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Looking for professional, affordable and quick junk removal in Tacoma?

Here at 99 Junk Removal, our goal is to make your junk removal process fast and pain-free, all done at an extremely affordable price. We currently serve the Tacoma, WA area, handling all jobs, big or small. From getting rid of a single unwanted item to hauling away heaps from a major office move, our waste disposal team is equipped to handle the full range of disposal jobs. We have the equipment and vehicles to haul away a variety of waste; furniture, appliances, and household waste. Our team understands some of the laws and unique properties that are involved in each type of item you need to be rid of. Your junk is hauled  to the proper place that will benefit the most people, rather than needlessly tossing  in a landfill.

Some of the items we can haul away in Tacoma include:


There are many technical intricacies involved in disposing of appliances. The danger in many environmental hazards found in most household appliances require a specific and safe disposal. Microwaves cannot be taken apart without special tools and gears, as some of the inner components can cause serious health problems if handled without extra care.


Furniture is cumbersome, and people don’t often want to deal with the removal process. However, if it’s handled properly then not only will you be free of your unwanted furniture, but someone else may benefit greatly from it. There are a number of charities and not-for-profit organizations which can use your furniture in a variety of ways. They can either keep the furniture for use within their business, or they can refurbish and sell it to help further their charitable cause. They may even donate the furniture to needy families or individuals.


Refrigerators have chemicals within them that are difficult to dispose of. They can’t be thrown into the landfill carelessly, as they can damage the environment. Knowing this, we will take extra care in the disposal of your old, unwanted refrigerator. This may mean it requires dismantling in a special recycling center, or it can also be used by different organizations. With a little cleaning, your refrigerator be restored to a working condition. If it’s broken, it can be turned into a variety of items, including shelves, a garden, or a pet washing station.


Your mattress doesn’t have to be thrown into the trash, and we’ll do our best to get it into the right hands so that it doesn’t wind up there. Used mattresses are prohibited from being resold. In many places it’s considered illegal, due to the numerous health risks involved. We handle this by evaluating the mattress for its recyclable value. If we can recycle your mattress, it’ll be taken apart, from the fabrics to any metals or plastics. Each of these items can be harvested separately, and then put through the regular recycling process for their particular material.

Carpets & Rugs

Similar to mattresses, there are a number of laws and regulations regarding the disposal of rugs and carpets. The reason is also the same, as the risk of disease and contamination is extremely high with these products. However, there are still a number of great options outside of the landfill. Recycling plants can, in fact, remove the fibers and pieces of the rugs and carpets and run them through various processors to clean and reuse them.


Though the modern TV may be too thin to accomplish much outside of their usual job, there are still plenty of the old, box TV’s waiting to be reused. Rest assured that your television can serve a number of unique purposes. Commonly, when these TVs aren’t used as a TV anymore, they’re turned into a unique items, such as a fish tank, pet house, or small chicken coop. A multitude of organizations and creative individuals can make use of your junk TV.

Hot Tub

Hot tubs are large and difficult to remove. It’s a pain for people to deal with. However, we’re ready and able to haul that hot tub away for you, and dispose of it properly. We will take care in our removal process, and when we dispose of your hot tub we’ll look at all the options available, including the options for repurposing that old hot tub. Many people use hot tubs to create gardens and ponds, so you can trust that we’ll be delivering your hot tub to others who can appreciate it


If you have an old tire, you may think it’s just going to wind up in the landfill. However, when we remove it for you we can haul it to somewhere beneficial. There are a number of creative uses from artists and businesses who would love to have the tires. It’s also something that can be recycled. In particular, tires can be used in the creation of asphalt. We can evaluate your tires and take them to the best place possible for all involved.

Other items we pick up and remove in Tacoma

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Why Choose 99 Junk Removal for Junk Hauling Tacoma

No job is too small or too big for 99 Junk Removal. We service a wide range of customers in Tacoma, WA, to homeowners, landlords, and large businesses. Our highly experienced crew understands the potential challenges that may arise from each of these areas and are equipped to meet your needs quickly and efficiently. Whatever you need to get rid of, our team can make it all disappear, we do it all. Our highly experienced crew offers friendly, professional, and caring removal services to Tacoma.

We know your time is valuable; we pride ourselves in completing all jobs in a timely manner so as not to waste your time. The only thing you have to do is make sure all the things you want to be removed are in one location to give us a clear picture of the amount of work. This will help us to provide you with a fast and pain-free service that will exceed your expectations.

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Our commitment to our customers, community, and environment

Not only do we take care of your junk, we also care about the environment, and the community. 99 Junk removal offers environmentally friendly junk disposal services. With all of the hauling we do, we understand that not all junk is just plain trash; we know that some items might still have some value for someone. We avoid adding to the growing landfill problem by sorting through what we collect, recycling some usable items and donating them to charity.

We deeply care about the community and want to give back. We love to assist in all junk removal matters and don’t want to throw something away that could still be of use. When we haul your junk away you can rest easy knowing that it’s going to someone in need, either someone you designate or someone we find. Before taking your trash to the dump site, we make sure to go through anything that could still be usable. This might mean that we take the item to a recycling facility, but it could also mean that we take it to some type of charity or not-for-profit organization which can utilize the item in their own way. Our hauling crew is not only dedicated to you the customer, but to the community that we’re a part of. Our crew has many years of experience with junk removal, and we will be quick, efficient, and educated in all the actions that we take.

We offer very affordable Residential and commercial junk removal and disposal services. Our focus is on great customer service and true transparency for all of our valued customers. Often, customers pay for their junk pickup and disposal or removal without knowing the breakdown of what they are paying for. Most junk haulage services charge by the truck load, and by how much space ends up being taken up by your junk. With $99 Junk removal, we can give you a full breakdown of our charges upfront, and we can assure you that there are no hidden charges or fees.

Why choose 99 Junk Removal in Tacoma?

Let 99 Junk Removal help you become clutter free by doing all the heavy lifting, removing your junk and your stress.

We value your time, ensuring the jobs are done quickly and efficiently. We don’t charge by how long it takes to remove your junk, to establish a genuine relationship with every client.

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