Are you in Fife, Washington, and in need of a local junk removal service? Our team at 99 Junk Removal is the answer to your search

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Junk Hauling Services in Fife, WA

Are you in Fife, Washington, and in need of a local junk removal service? Our team at 99 Junk Removal is the answer to your search for the best junk removal service near you. We will haul your trash away and take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

The most convenient and closest dump site near Fife is the Algona Transfer Station. Located in Algona, WA, the transfer station is open every day of the week but the hours differ slightly, depending on the day. There is not a recycling center at the Algona Transfer Station. Recyclable materials will need to be taken elsewhere for proper disposal, but we will take care of that for you! You won’t have to trek anywhere with your garbage or recycling. We’ve got you covered.

The professionals at 99 Junk Removal Seattle are currently serving the greater Fife, Washington, area. At 99 Junk Removal, our goal is to make your junk removal process fast and pain-free, while keeping costs at an extremely affordable and reasonable price.

Why You Should Choose 99 Junk Removal

Our crew makes it a point to stand out among the rest. We are dedicated to getting rid of your junk and taking care of the heavy lifting for you. Junk removal should not be a luxury that only a few people can afford. We make it a point to remove unwanted junk as quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively as possible.

We devote our services to helping people in the Fife community. We aim for a world without clutter, excess garbage on the streets, and higher rates of participation in recycling. Removing junk in an environmentally-friendly manner helps make the world a better place, one junk removal trip at a time.

We take great pride in our transparency. We keep it honest and only charge for services that we provide. We do what we do because we love to make people happier and make the earth less cluttered. You can trust us when it comes to professionalism. We have the skills necessary to aptly perform our jobs well and leave no trace of junk in our aftermath. Customer service, friendliness, and professionalism are a few of our many attributes.

Let 99 Junk Removal help you become clutter free by doing all the heavy lifting, Not only do we remove your junk but we also lessen the amount of stress you have to endure. When unwanted items take up room in your home or office, it can become really agitating over prolonged periods of time.

You have visions for how you want to use your space but it’s hard to turn them into a reality with clutter in the way. We can take junk out of your way so you can fulfill your dreams!

We value your time, ensuring the jobs are done quickly and efficiently. We don’t charge by how long it takes to remove your junk. Instead, we price our services at a flat fee. We care more about establishing a friendship with our clients and taking care to remove junk with caution. We handle all jobs, no matter how big or how small.

Electronic Waste

What We Can Haul Away For You

Have you replaced your old furniture? Are there non-working appliances taking up space in your house? Do you just want to get rid of some clutter? From mattresses to electronics, and carpets to tile, 99 Junk Removal takes just about everything.

Most Common Items for Junk Removal

There are restrictions at your local dump on items that they will not accept. The following items are prohibited at the Algona Transfer Station. We can still take some of these items and discard them at a suitable dump site for you. Please call us to make arrangements for special cases.

Prohibited Junk at Fife WA Dump Site
Don’t see what you need removed?
No worries give us a call (253) 722-4285 and we can help.

Committed to the Environment

Our main job is to remove unwanted junk. We also incorporate our concern for the environment into our everyday responsibilities. Our junk removal services are environmentally friendly. We haul a lot of junk so we try to minimize our contribution to dump sites by double-checking the junk before labelling it as trash.

The hauling crew at 99 Junk Removal is not only dedicated to you, the customer, but to the community as well. With all of the hauling we do, we realized that what one person considers junk is something another person might find useful. We like to go through what we collect and see if any of the items can either be recycled or donated.

We love to help the community and would prefer not to throw something away if it can still be used by someone else. You may not want to keep certain items and we are happy to remove them from your property. But, someone out there might be able to use what you consider junk!

We will take a look through your junk to make sure it is garbage. We keep an eye out for items that can be recycled and we take them to recycling centers. For our friends in Fife, the Algona Transfer Station does not have its own recycling center, but we will still take your recycle and deliver it to the appropriate transfer station.

When we come to collect your junk, we will sift through your items and hold onto the items that are still in decent conditions as well. You can rest easy knowing that some of your items will be going to someone in need. We see this as giving back to the community.

The team at 99 Junk Removal collectively has many years of experience in the junk removal industry. We are efficient when it comes to hauling away your items and the knowledge to distinguish between trash and recycle.

Affordable Junk Removal in Fife

99 Junk Removal offers pick-up for both residential and commercial properties.

We are very transparent and don’t want anyone to be surprised by their invoices. We can provide you with a full breakdown of our charges upon request to assure you that we have not applied hidden fees to your final bill.

We can calculate an estimate for our services based on how much junk you have and which dump site we will haul it to. To find out how much we will charge to haul your junk to the Algona Transfer Station, you are encouraged to call 99 Junk Removal at (253) 20722-4285.

99 Junk Removal: Your Choice for Getting Rid of Garbage in Fife, WA

Schedule a pick-up for your junk in Fife, WA as soon as you are ready. In order to make the process as smooth as possible, we ask that you have your junk ready for hauling when we arrive and we’ll quickly and efficiently take care of the rest.

We are truly committed to providing the best junk removal services Fife, Washington has to offer. Our helpful and friendly staff can be in your area today! To use our services please contact us today! Visit our website or call today to schedule an appointment at (253) 722-4285.

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